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Our applications are now distributed on a special USB flash drive that can also serve as a license container or key.  This USB Key can be inserted into the computer's USB port and a window should open displaying the ACR INSTALL folder.  Open this folder and then double-click on Setup.exe to begin the install.

The first window will present a list of applications that can be installed. Just check each one you wish to install and click on the "Begin Install" button. Each application has its own install which will begin in turn.

Individual installs can also be downloaded from this site for each application allowing you to always have the latest versions. These installs will require a special install code to be entered before the installation can begin. Contact Delmac Machinery or AutoCut Research if you need this code.


We always endeavor to provide the best support possible. However, we also feel that the best thing is to need as little support as possible in the first place. Our applications are designed to be simple and intuative yet capable. Never the less,
there can be questions you  may have about using our products. We can usually answer these quite simply and that is one of the functions of this web site.

Also, it is sometimes possible for functional anomalies to present themselves. Often downloading and installing the latest version will address your issue. Besides, we only support the current versions of our applications. This simplifies support for us therefore helping us to provide better support for you. Then also, we do not charge for upgrades unless it is a major upgrade. This has only happened twice for AutoLink since 1993 when it went from DOS to Windows and then when it went to 32 bit.

The Red USB Key

The red USB Flash Drive that your software comes on can also be used to store your software license. This makes this USB Drive a USB Key. You can still use it for storing files etc. as you might any drive but you must NOT format this USB Drive. Doing so will cause it to loose its ability to hold your license and will cause the loss of any license it might contain at the time.  Depending on your need, you may wish for your license to reside primarily on your computer so your USB Key can be kept in a safe place where it will not be lost. Then used to transfer the license to another computer when needed. This is especially important if you are upgrading or otherwise changing computers. The license can be kept on the USB Key so it will be convient for you to do work in another office or even at home. Although this may cause you to feel less compelled to buy an additional license, our intention is to make using this software as convenient as possible.

Currently the USB key holds the license only for AutoLink. In the near future we expect to expand this feature to JetNest and BackLink.


While it is true that we encourage upgrading, it should be noted that if you have the old black parallel port key you will not be able to use AutoLink versions above 10.3.0 with that key. At this point if you wish to upgrade AutoLink you have two options. You can return the old key and purchase the upgrade to the Red USB Key from Delmac. Or, you can return the old key and contact ACR to put the license in the computer. This option will not cost you anything but you will loose your ability to easily move AutoLink to other computers.

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