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Installation & Registration

The installation for AutoLink is ALSetup.exe. This file is available on the Red USB Key under ACR INSTALL/ACR/. It is the AutoLink install used by Setup.EXE in ACR INSTALL. You can also download AutoLink from our website for the latest version. Once AutoLink is installed you should have 30 days in which to register. The 30 day trial version is fully functional. Installation of the downloaded install will require an install code available from ACR or Delmac. 

To register you must fill out the registration form and then register according to the instructions in the registration window. Access is available from the About window that appears when the pre-registered AutoLink opens. The About window is also available from the Help menu in the upper left corner of the main AutoLink window.

License Transfer

When you wish to transfer your license to another computer, first install AutoLink on the new computer. You can use both the new computer and the old computer at the same time during the 30 day trial period. This will give you time to get your other software transfered and everything working before the actual license transfer.

The License for AutoLink can reside either in the computer where it is installed or in the Red USB Key. There may be times when you need the license transfered to another computer. This is easily done with the Red USB Key. Click on the License Transfer tab in the upper left corner of the Registration Window. The instructions will be in that window. 

If you do not have a Red USB Key, you will need to contact ACR for assistance in transferring the license. This proceedure is most easily done by phone with ACR. First, AutoLink is started on the old computer and the registration window opened. The Code Entry Number and Computer ID are given to ACR so an "Authorization Code" can be generated. This code is then input into the old AutoLink. When the "OK" button is clicked, AutoLink returns a transfer code number. The essence of this process is repeated with AutoLink on the new computer and the license is transfered.

Notice: Please be sure to transfer your license from a computer that is being taken out of service before it becomes unavailable!

The old black parallel port key that was used for many years is no longer used with the latest versions of AutoLink. These keys would sometimes have difficulty in working on the newest computers. However, some have found that the utility KeyFix will get some of them to work. If this does not work for you, you will have to send your old key back and either purchase the upgrade to the Red USB Key (contact Delmac) or have your license transferred into your computer (contact ACR).  

Due to the tremendous flux in the Windows OS there have been a couple of instances where the Red USB Key is not found. Sometimes connecting to another USB port solves the problem. Other times changing the drive letter of the USB key solves the problem. See How to Change Drive Letter.

Online Registration

Starting with AutoLink version 10.3.5 AutoLink can be registered and the license issued online. To do this simply fill out the registration window, filling in all the information. When all the information is filled out correctly the buttons on the lower right corner of the form will "come on". If you have internet access and your firewall permits AutoLink to communicate with our license server, the "Register Online" button will also be enabled. Click on this button and the status of the registration process will be displayed just above that button. Click "Apply & Exit" to close the registration window.

An "Activate Online" button should appear within a day or so on the About window when AutoLink is later opened.




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